Selling quantity is so much easier than selling quality.

You hear about Boxing day sales, long weekend sales and special customer appreciation 30% off all the time. That’s because it’s easier to tap into the emotion that you’re getting extra value for something by buying it on sale. The retail industry is pretty bad for this. In my long career in retail, memorizing promotions was a regular part of the work week and used as a tool to sell.

What you don’t hear too often are brands that boast about quality. One brand in particular that makes Canadian winter parkas seems to never have advertisements and never go on sale. They are pricey but from what I hear from friends and family who own them, they are just high quality.

These high quality purchases are far and few between. You make this kind of purchase once in a while, not as a weekend activity. My money is better spent on high quality items that I can use for years and not throw away for next season’s.