A colleague of mine recently kick-started a meditation club at work. We meet 4 days a week at 8:30am to meditate. We do walking meditation and silent meditation. Walking meditation I believe is the easier of the two where you simple just walk back and forth but very slowly and identify every motion with thought. For example, I say to myself “Bend right knee, right leg forward, right leg extend, right heel down, shift weight to the right foot”. I’d repeat this with my left side, back and forth. It sounds silly and simple but it’s pretty difficult to keep your thoughts on one track. I easily find myself distracted while meditating. With silent meditation I breathe in, count “1”, breathe out, count “2”. I do this up to 10, back down and repeat.

So far I haven’t really felt any immediate benefits of this yet. It’s only been a few weeks but I can definitely say it’s an interesting challenging.

Today I got around to listening to Science VS’s podcast on Meditation. The show talks to researchers to get a scientific perspective on different topics. Their conclusion on meditation is that there isn’t substantial evidence to support the tremendous claims of the benefits.

For now I guess since meditation is free and I think it relaxes me and gets my day started on a good note, might as well continue with it.